Learn about fresh and salt water spinning from a master angler.

Fresh & Saltwater Spinning: Discover the thrill and excitement of catching the big fish

Fellow Anglers,

finally there's a book that explains what you really need to know if you want to not only catch more fish, but bigger fish, every time you head out to your favorite fishing haunt.

If you're an angler who loves to learn all the insider tricks of the master fishermen you'll love reading this in-depth guide to fresh and salt water spinning.

Arranged in 5 chapters you'll get the authors life time fishing experience distilled in incredible detail as he gives the inside scope on:

  • Equipment - the spinning reel, rod, line and productive lures.
  • Technique - how to cast, how to fish the spinning lures, spinning with a bubble and the best knots for spinning
  • Fish and water - Reading a stream, lake and salt water
  • Trophy Fish - How to land a specimen fish
  • Building Your Rod - How to build and assemble your own spinning rod.

About The Author

As an experienced fisherman and writer, many of his stories have appeared in the leading magazines and because of his great knowledge of fishing, his articles on fly fishing, spinning and outdoor life have appeared in Hunting & Fishing, Outdoor Life, etc. The author’s main purpose in this book is to get the casual reader and fisherman excited about spinning. Excitingly illustrated with over 50 photographs and pictures, the book explains the sport of spinning and tells why spinning with fine tackle produces bigger fish.

Although all the latest modern equipment is discussed thoroughly, the author places emphasis on the practical gear which not only saves the angler money but will produce larger fish.

Here is just a fraction of what you will learn...

  • What’s the best technique to take big fish consistently on river, lake or ocean?
  • How to recognize the "hot spot" in a stream, Lake or Ocean?
  • How to land big fish on such light gear?
  • How to build your own rod?
  • How to practice casting, in-depth, the full technique, the overhead cast, the overhand cat cast, trick casts for special circumstances
  • The top 10 qualities to look for before buying your reel
  • How to select your rod and why it's weight is important
  • Important considerations when selecting your line and line testing
  • Which lures catch the bigger fish and what to look for in a lure design
  • How to use lures in shallow water and important tips on using surface lures
  • Learn how to take 20 years off the learning curve and become an expert dry-fly angler by using a weighted plastic bubble
  • How to fill your bubbles at home
  • The casting knot that reduces your line strength by a factor of 4
  • How to tie the almost perfect loop knot
  • The blood knot, the strongest knot for linking two pieces of almost the same diameter
  • The linking knot used by many fisherman that you should not be using
  • The jam knot, one of the best for attaching lures
  • The best knots for spinning: the figure eight knot, the turle knot, the double-eye knot
  • How to read a stream and where the big fish hang out in moving water
  • The speed of water and what it tells you about where to fish
  • Reading a lake and how to make a catch even on the worst of fishing days
  • Reading salt water and the clues to look for that tell you where the fish are
  • How to land that specimen trophy fish with a small rod and 6 pound line
  • How to fight your first large fish and the pit falls to avoid
  • How to build and assemble your own rod

This classic fishing reference book, written by Eugene Burns, will teach you some of the tips and tricks learnt over a life time of fishing by one of the most experienced anglers in this exciting sport.

Now available in pdf format for instant download you can be reading this well written and illustrated 71 page book within minutes after payment through our 100% secure online credit card processor.

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Learn about fresh and salt water spinning from a master angler.

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